Drakenstein Municipality
Cape Town Cycle Tour

Winelands Cycle Race Sunday 5 September 2021



START: 07:00
R280 (PPA R260)

From the start at Hugenote Primary School, riders head east towards the mountains passing through the eastern suburbs of Wellington before turning onto Church Street towards Bain’s Kloof. Turning left at Hill, Rustenburg and Hexberg roads, the route takes the riders to the north of Wellington before turning right onto Addy / Old Hermon Road and then left onto Oakdene.

After turning right onto the R44 the riders are taken into the wheatlands. This stretch is straight and undulating, providing for fast slipstreaming opportunities.

A left turn at the R46 will take riders past Hermon, over the Berg River and past the R311 at Riebeeck Kasteel to the climb over Bothmaskloof Pass followed by a long downhill to a left turn onto the R45 and return to Wellington.

A nice open stretch of road, undulating and ideal for group riding. The route passes the Voor Paardeberg turnoff dropping down to and passing over the Bot River, before a slight rise passing the northern Lady Loch Road turnoff, cresting a rise at Bakenhof. At the bottom of the hill the riders will turn left onto the southern Lady Loch Road which rises up and crests at Abendruhe before dropping down to the right-hand turn over the Lady Loch Bridge.

The riders are then taken past Douglas Green Winery then turning left at the traffic lights on Stokery, cross the robots at Main Road continuing on the R44 Hermon Road. Shortly after the Old Tannery, turn right onto Oakdene followed by a right turn onto the Old Hermon Road, past the Hawequa prison.

A left hand turn takes riders onto Hexberg followed by right turns onto Rustenburg, Hill and Church Street. A left-hand turn onto Barlinka and Cummings with a final right turn onto General Hertzog takes you to the finish at Huguenot Primary School.


Brief description.

Starting in the eastern suburbs of Wellington, the circular route will take riders out onto the R45, through undulating open wheat lands past Hermon and Riebeeck Kasteel to the challenging climb at Bothmans kloof. This is followed by a fast downhill to return to Wellington on the R45. The return takes riders over the Lady Loch Bridge back to the R45 at Wellington After passing the Old Tannery the route turns onto Oakdene and the Bain’s Kloof roads through the eastern suburbs to finish at the Hugenot Primary School on General Hertzog.