2025 Media Accreditation

1. Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Accreditation will be awarded to journalists from recognized media houses that can guarantee relevant event publicity.
  • Freelancers need a letter from a recognised media house confirming their commission for an article or broadcast insert.

2. Photographer Accreditation:

  • Only accredited press photographers are eligible.
  • Photographers may use pictures for their own publication but cannot sell them.
  • Motorbike access to the route during elite cyclists’ racing is granted to pre-approved photographers or journalists only.

3. Access and Restrictions:

  • No personal cars or motorbikes allowed on the route for photographers or journalists.
  • Exclusive image use can be negotiated with the Organisers Office.

4. Media Centre Access:

  • Accreditation grants access to the Organisers Office.
  • You can:
    • Arrange an accredited, rotational motorcycle ride on the route (pre-arranged with the Organisers Office)
    • Receive race results promptly.
    • Collect accreditation from the Organisers Office.

Application deadline: 20 Jan’25

Please complete the media accreditation form. Clearly indicate for which events you wish to apply for accreditation.


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Upon approval, an Accreditation Pass will be issued by the Organisers Office of the Winelands Cycle Race Trust. Applications must be submitted via email, and confirmation will be sent electronically. Media armbands must be picked up onsite at the Winelands Cycle Race Number Collection. Registered media will receive a confirmation email.

Accredited media must wear event identification at all times. Past registration does not guarantee approval. Misconduct or misrepresentation may result in future event bans.

The Winelands Cycle Race Trust reserves the right to deny or revoke media armbands at any time. Registration is complimentary, but media attendees are responsible for their own expenses, such as dining, parking, travel, and accommodations.

By submitting the Media Accreditation Application, applicants agree to comply with event-specific rules. Accreditation access is for coverage and reporting only. Passes are non-transferable and may be revoked for rule breaches. Unauthorized use may result in cancellation and ejection from the event. Theft or loss of a pass must be reported immediately.

Soliciting orders for products or services, including advertising, is prohibited. Distribution of promotional material is also prohibited. All event information is the property of the Winelands Cycle Race Trust and cannot be reproduced without permission.

General Website Use Waiver

By using the Winelands Cycle Race website, users agree to comply with all terms and conditions. The website content is protected under the Copyright Act 1978, and no permission is granted to copy, reproduce, republish, distribute, or display any information without prior written consent.